Vamp - the Vamp Collective

Vamp connects influential content creators with brands to create authentic, lifestyle-based product placement on social media.

The VAMP Collective is reserved for the crème de la crème, a collective of social and influential content creators: the socialites, the modern day Hepburns and Grants. The Vamp Collective are the movers and the shakers, those more concerned with setting trends than following them and are hand selected to join by invitation only.

A few great brands we work with

Since launching in 2015, Vamp has connected our content creators with incredible Australian and International brands to promote their collections and products across food, fashion, beauty, technology and travel.

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A few things our influencers are saying about Vamp

We strive to make the lives of the Vamp Collective influencers business as streamlined and effortless as possible so that they can focus on creating more incredible content and worry less about the boring stuff.

“What’s unique about Vamp is that they simply get brands, consumers and us, the influencers. Creative control is 100% ours, we take the reign in producing content we feel strongly about that represent our aesthetic whilst still staying true to the brand’s brief. The team are fun, hard working, efficient at everything they do – making our lives as creators as simple & enjoyable as can be. Always excited to see what the team come up with next.”

Feiven Fan


“As an Influencer, VAMP provides me with a visually appealing, easy to use, streamlined way to work with, and create content for, premium brands. With everything taken care of including relationship management, product, deadlines and payments, I can focus on creating imagery for my audience. VAMP also opens doors to creative campaigns and brands that I may not have the individual opportunity to work with on a collaborative project, which is an added bonus in an ever growing Influencer market.”

Ashleigh D'Mello


Frequently Asked Questions

Do your influencers sign contracts?

No. If you are an influencer working with the Vamp Collective you do not sign any contracts however you do agree to Vamp’s terms and conditions when applying for campaigns.

Do you direct your influencers on how to post?
No. Vamp provides the brand handle and hashtag required for the campaign the rest is up to our influencers. We ensure our influencers have full creative control of the images they create.
Do your influencers work exclusively with you?
No, in fact many of the influencers we work with have agents or work with other agencies. Vamp understands that our influencers are building their own business and we want to do everything possible to help support them do this.

So, we got your attention

Think you’ve got what it takes? Let’s find out.

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